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In our ever-hectic worlds, searching for lost items like your glasses, the remote control or your car keys ranks right up there with visits to the dentist and alphabetizing your book collection--all things better left to someone else, right?

Add to the list digging around for any given customer-loyalty card when you’re at the cashier--with a line of people waiting behind you as you pull out every card but the one you actually need. Not fun.

Enter the Key Ring, a mobile app from Dallas-based Mobestream Media that allows you to consolidate all those cumbersome rewards and loyalty cards (many of which may be at the bottom of your purse right now) into one place.

The app aids consumers in calling up digital coupons, joining new loyalty programs at national companies like CVS/pharmacy, PetSmart and Best Buy, managing accounts online and sharing offers through social networks and email.

With the app, you’ll also receive location-based coupons and other store offers.

The Key Ring: One small step for our wallets…one giant leap toward getting on with our lives.

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