Before this past June, it was understandable if your design palate was bored whenever you went furniture shopping. And it’s likely the only thing you left the store with was a furrowed brow.

But now you can say cheerio to your decor doldrums.

U.K. furniture designer Timothy Oulton has landed in Dallas, opening his first stand-alone store in the country here at North Central Expressway and Knox-Henderson Road.

With a best-in-class credo, Oulton strives to make his work distinct and unique; pieces are exquisitely handcrafted and extraordinary attention is placed on their details.

A visit to Oulton’s showroom will jar even the most somnambulant shopper. First, a large aquarium full of fish swimming around a yellow submarine greets you at the entrance. And the experience gets slightly more surreal from there. From the Union Jack–covered Bensington footstool ($1,695) to a Lone Star flag–emblazoned trunk ($1,295), it is obvious the designer pledges his allegiance to all things antique.

Other eye-catching pieces include the Gyro & Crystal table lamp ($1,195), all but iconic with its classic-yet-functional mash-up. And on the minimalist end of the design spectrum, Oulton’s Aviator Hercules bookcase ($2,195) will make any bibliophile batty with desire.

This is one British invasion we can definitely embrace.

Timothy Oulton, 4500 N. Central Expressway, Dallas; 214-613-2464 or

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