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As if Villy Custom Bikes weren’t getting enough attention.

First, Fleetwood Hicks’s company shifted into high gear when it won funding on the ABC show Shark Tank. The beach-cruiser bike business model impressed investors Mark Cuban and Barbara Corcoran, who now own a combined 42 percent of Villy Custom.

Now the Dallas-based cycle store is putting a new spin on its already-unique wheels by offering bikes in eye-catching neon colors.

Starting at around $750, they feature accent pieces in shocking colors like optic yellow, electric pink, bright blue and fluorescent orange. And while they’re not technically glow-in-the-dark, the powder-coated push-bikes do become “illuminated from within,” says Hicks, when exposed to light.

Something else that’s flashy: Villy’s new website, which makes it even easier to build your own bike. First, you choose from four different frames. After that, the combinations are seemingly endless. From 17 tire styles to 10 types of pedals to 23 seat designs, the permutations here will satisfy even the most discerning design maven.

With the weather on its way to cooling down, this is one fall trend we’ll gladly ride.

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