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Imagine a world where your bra fits. It’s hard to conjure, we know.

A savvy Dallas businesswoman, however, is well on her way to making this undergarment utopia a reality with her online company and its one-of-a-kind questionnaire.

Tomima Edmark, founder of Dallas-based Her Room, unveiled the “Know Your Breasts Bra Finder” survey two weeks ago on her 12-year-old website, aiming to educate bra-buying women about the size and shape of their breasts.

Already, she says, she has received overwhelming feedback--and for good reason. The questionnaire asks you things about your body that, well, maybe you’ve never really considered:

What is your breast separation?

Do you have narrow or sloping shoulders?

Do you have a nontraditional under-bust crease?

Helpfully, the website busts out pictures to illustrate different body types.

After you finish the survey, Her Room suggests three bras that would fit you. And the company should know: It sells more than 200 brands and about 2,200 styles on its website.

In one fell swoop, Her Room may have changed the way we buy bras online. But, coming from Edmark, that shouldn’t be a surprise. Remember the TopsyTail, the wildly popular hair-styling tool made famous (by infomercials) in the early ’90s? Edmark invented it.

This is one woman who knows her audience.

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