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Ex-stockbroker Brent Rodgers was halfway around the world when he realized the importance of juicing. Standing on the cusp of Syria and Israel, he found himself joining a long line?not to cross the border, but to buy fresh celery and carrot juice.

Thankfully for us, the Dallas native brought home a business idea (in addition to presumably a lot of luggage) after his yearlong global trek: Roots Juices.

Featuring 10 different flavors--plus three types of water--the beverages are made from fruits and vegetables grown by local farmers. Each 16-ounce bottle of juice ($7) is made in a hydraulic cold-pressed juicer, which maximizes the vitamin, mineral and live enzyme content.

From Restore (beets, carrots, apples, aloe and ginger) to Go Green (celery, kale, spinach, romaine, cucumber and lemon), Roots digs deep with the flavor profiles. We especially like the refreshing Watermelon Cooler (watermelon and fennel)?perfect for our endless summer weather.

If you?re feeling exceptionally virtuous (or making up for past diet indiscretions), try one of Rodgers?s cleanse kits, like the five-day Detox & Cleanse (six types of juice and two flavored waters, $250) or the one-day Hangover Recovery (three juices and three waters, $30).

Besides the obvious nutritional benefits, the best part may be that the company delivers the goods free, straight to your door in select Dallas zip codes, with a $30 minimum order. Roots will also ship anywhere in the U.S.

No more waiting in long lines.

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