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As if having gourmet foods delivered to your door weren?t easy enough.

Now, every Thursday, the online grocery delivery service Artizone will be even more convenient. The Israel-based company that last year revolutionized how Dallasites shop for specialty foods has added a downtown pickup location that?s open from 4:30 to 7 p.m.

Located at 555 Ross Ave. (behind Spaghetti Warehouse), the centralized spot is adjacent to Uptown and ideal for a post-workday pit stop. And that?s exactly what it is. Just show your ID and the staff will gladly load up your trunk with your order.

But this isn?t the only exciting news to come from Artizone. This fall, the company will begin selling items from Chicago-based Green Grocer, which, incidentally, is opening a Dallas location on Greenville Avenue. And Artizone is working to extend its reach to Fort Worth in the near future, with a pickup location there.

Currently partnered with more than 40 local artisans, Artizone clearly anticipated our jones for getting great local foods, from the wholesome (Hippie Health Loaf from Empire Baking Co., $5.24 a loaf) to the wholly necessary (Crack chocolate and nut bark from Dude, Sweet Chocolate, $10.50 per package).

At this rate, we wouldn?t be surprised if we found Artizone in our kitchen one night making dinner.

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