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Order Clay Pigeon's Thanksgiving to go
Best meal of the year.

Yikes... Thanksgiving is exactly 31 days away (go ahead and double-check), and the entire family has nominated you as host.

Looking to outsource at least some of the work? Sign up for Clay Pigeon Food and Drink’s made-from-scratch Thanksgiving feast on call.

Though chef Marcus Paslay’s 15-pound bird ($130, sourced from Amish farmers) is nothing to pooh-pooh, we’re most excited about his glorious side dishes.

Paslay uses his own grandmother’s corn-bread-and-sage stuffing recipe ($15). The secret is in Paslay's mix of dry and wet ingredients. And his sweet-potato casserole (sans marshmallows) and brussels sprouts with brown butter and shaved almonds are both can’t-miss items.

Oh, and did we mention the creamy butternut-squash soup ($20 per quart) and the homemade pumpkin pie ($30) made with fresh pureed pumpkin, a special mix of spices and love?

Break out the jeggings, Grandma Ruth.

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