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The low-cal premade cocktails we can?t stop talking about
Go ahead, have another.

Things we do to stay fit: Take the stairs instead of the elevator, park the car in the farthest space from Whole Foods, work out at the gym five days a week (OK, so maybe it?s more like one and a half).

So why would we undo all of our hard work with one 450-calorie margarita?

Enter Austin Cocktails, a new brand of premade drinks that are both easy on the palate and low in calories (as in 100 calories per six-ounce serving).

Austin Cocktails come in four flavors--Cucumber Mojito, Paradise Found (a nice blend of coconut water, lemon and lime juices and basil), Tea Twister (which uses Kenyan-grown tea that?s organically sweeter than tea from Indonesia) and Vodkarita--and are made with a no-aftertaste vodka.

Yes, that?s right... a margarita that?s made with vodka.

Our favorites? The Cucumber Mojito--a subtle mint, lime juice and cucumber refresher--and the Vodkarita, which uses real limes and oranges to give a crisp, not-too-sweet spin on the traditional Mexican drink.

For now, only four stores in the area carry Austin Cocktails: Spec?s in Preston Hollow, Pogo?s off Lovers Lane, Kings and Liq-O-Rama in Fort Worth.

But stay tuned. We can?t help but think this Skinny Girl alternative is about to blow up.

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