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An app that schools you on Dallas history

It’s amazing how much we rely on our cell phones. Seriously, when was the last time you memorized anyone's number? But most of the apps we download aren't exactly edifying. (Sorry, Candy Crush.)

Not so with Pegasus Urban Trails, an app that’s as fun as it is educational.

Created by Preservation Dallas--a local group that works to preserve historical landmarks around town-- in conjunction with the young-professionals group Urban Armadillos, the app guides users through Dallas’s historical pedestrian trails and points out the significant buildings that dwell on them.

Upon downloading the free app, find the urban trail closest to you (ours was in the Dallas Farmers Market District). Then start walking. The Farmers Market Trail runs along South Harwood from Jackson to Taylor streets, and as you trek along the highlighted route, little icons will pop up on your screen with cool details about the area.

A tidbit we recently learned: Did you know the Blackbird Lofts across from the Dallas Farmers Market were a brothel as recently as the 1970s? We didn’t think so.

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