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Driftwood puts absinthe back on the menu
Look at you trying new things.

When we think of absinthe, many appalling ideas come to mind. Oscar Wilde allegedly saw tulips crawling up his legs, for instance.

So when Driftwood in Bishop Arts announced a new bar menu focused on the notorious green fairy, we knew we’d have to summon our courage to try the beverage.

We’re glad we did.

The menu at the revitalized seafood restaurant boasts more than 14 kinds of absinthe and pastis (an anise-flavored aperitif). Guests are invited to try the liquors either slowly dripped over a sugar cube or mixed in a drink.

Since straight-up seemed hard to take, we went with the Forbidden Beer, a light cocktail of Tenneyson absinthe, Abita root beer and fresh mint. It tasted like sweetened cola with a minty aftertaste...and while we were definitely a bit unhinged, we didn’t have any psychedelic visions.

Not willing to take your chances? Driftwood also offers an impressive wine-by-the-glass list that pairs well with its new summer menu items, like Gloucester cod chowder, French Dover sole with pork belly and mussels, and raw plates of Hawaiian ahi tuna and day-boat fluke.

Just a helpful warning: Actually reading the menu after a few sips of absinthe is tricky at best.

Driftwood, 642 W. Davis St.; 214-942-2530 or

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