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A build-your-own-potato bar opens in Trinity Groves
Comes with a side of "walk it off."

Most Texans are meat-and-potato kind of diners. So needless to say, we weren’t remotely surprised when Potato Flats--a build-your-own-baked-potato restaurant--opened last week in Trinity Groves.

Think of Potato Flats as a Chipotle for spuds.

First, select your open-faced base: the all-American russet or the Mississippi-native sweet potato. (We went russet. After all, it’s in the name of research.)

Next, choose one of eight proteins (turkey, sausage, chili, steak, chicken, meat loaf, ground beef or fish chowder) and add some veggies (we got peas, carrots and yummy sautéed mushrooms). Then move on to the sauce (cheese, brown gravy or white gravy).

Finish up with toppings (jalapeños, onions, chives, tomatoes, shredded cheese) and, of course, the obligatory sour cream.

Potato Flats has a clean, no-fuss kind of decor with plenty of seating and a spacious covered patio with fans and great views of Downtown.

Our advice: Go hungry. The potato is delicious, but it sure sits like a brick in your belly for the rest of the day.

3011 Gulden Lane, #119; 469-518-9224 or

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