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The best veggie burgers in Dallas
Look at those buns...

In case you hadn’t noticed, meat rules most menus in this town. Smoked. Barbecued. Grilled. You name it, a Dallasite is probably ordering it up as we speak.

For anyone who occasionally wants something that doesn’t come from a cow, we found three of the best veggie burgers around.

Made with Beets Beets on their own: meh. Beets with brown rice and black beans: delicious. The beets in Hillstone’s house-made veggie burger ($16) not only give a shot of juice to what could be a dry burger but also give the appearance of medium-rare. 8300 Preston Rd.

Made with Hummus Hummus on top of a burger is nothing too unusual. But by mixing hummus with chopped veggies (carrots, zucchini and squash) and chia and flax seeds, the folks at Liberty Burger give their burger ($8) an added punch of protein and a creamy texture. 5211 Forest Lane 

Made with Quinoa For an inspired take on the veggie burger, the chef at True Food Kitchen mixes quinoa with an herbed egg batter, then puts hummus, tzatziki, cucumber, tomato, red onion, avocado and feta between the two patties ($12). Now that is the way to eat quinoa. 8383 Preston Center Plaza Dr.

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