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We taste-test two new local pops
Nothing says summer like an icy-cold treat.

Forget about those sugary Otter Pops of yesteryear. Say hello to two new pops in town: Steel City Pops and GoodPops.

Both companies have taken out all the yucky stuff--corn syrup, refined sugars, coloring--and opted for natural fruits and sugars.

After a day of taste-testing (hey, someone had to do it), here is our assessment:

Easiest to Find: Steel City Pops With a store on Lower Greenville, you know you can pop in anytime and grab a fresh treat ($2.75) or a freezer travel bag of four ($10) at a summer’s moment. GoodPops are sold at Central Market and Whole Foods Market, but neither grocer stocks GP’s full offerings.

Most Creative: GoodPops Both pop companies bring the creativity and flavors, but GP hits a home run with their Banana Cinnamon, a creamy blend of real bananas with milk from local dairies, and Hibiscus Mint, in which steeped dried hibiscus flowers are added to fresh mint and lime juice.

Most Variety: Steel City Pops It’s basic math: GP has seven varieties, and SCP has a menu of 23 flavors (23 > 7). Our favorite is SCP’s Pineapple Jalapeño, which packs both the sweet and the spicy. 

Fruitiest: GoodPops No watered-down flavor here. GP’s Watermelon Agave is our front-runner. Perfectly pureed watermelon mixed with the natural sweetness of agave--delish.

And the winner is...Steel City Pops. A Dallas storefront will always beat another idea from Austin.

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