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Interior tips from a home-design pro
According to interior designer Abbe Fenimore, there is no such thing as too much pink.

Abbe Fenimore, head designer at Studio Ten 25, has Dallas all abuzz with her glamorous yet practical design projects. Her latest effort at LashMaxx in Uptown is the kind of girly-glam design we swoon over: metallic wallpaper, mirrored furniture and the perfect amount of pink.

So since we still have blank walls, a pigsty-like office and a pressing need to know what to do with our bathroom, we sat down with Fenimore and asked her a few of our design questions.

Read the interview here.

PureWow: What’s your favorite color of the moment?

Abbe Fenimore: Fuchsia. It’s both glamorous and bold. An easy way to showcase the color is with pillows. When complemented with gold accents and colorful art, the look can be really fun.

PW: We work from home and are tight on space. Any tips for combining a home office with a guest room?

AF: Space-saving design is key for a dual-purpose room. I’m a big fan of Murphy beds and sleeper sofas for a room like a home office that also serves as a guest room. They give you the opportunity to incorporate some fun design elements that keep the space open and add more seating.

PW: It’s getting hot in Dallas! As a designer, what are your thoughts on ceiling fans: total no-no or necessary evil?

AF: I have a love/hate relationship with ceiling fans. They’re not the most glamorous option for a room, but when they are updated and fit with the room’s style, they have the ability to add both function and style.

PW: When it comes to bathrooms, what trends are you seeing?

AF: With the real-estate market in Dallas so hot, clients are asking for updated bathrooms with finishes that appeal to buyers. Crisp white tiles in a rectangular pattern can really open up a bathroom and can take a basic color up a notch.

PW: So in the era of “everyone can DIY,” why should we choose an accredited designer instead of going at it on our own?

AF: Hiring a designer can save money and hours of frustration when designing or remodeling a home. I work with a bevy of talented contractors and installers who are aware of both the homeowner’s and my expectations, which takes the worry out of the picture.

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