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It?s your personal custom to mail every newly married couple a congratulations note immediately. (Trust us, sending the first card earns you major points.)

And now that Illinois has made same-sex marriage legal (hooray!), you probably have a ton more congrats to send. But a cheesy card for your discerning pals Mark and Jason simply will not fly.

Luckily, Papyrus, the national stationery store, has launched a new collection of adorable same-sex products. Think: cards, invites and even toppers.

If you're planning your own big, gay affair, we?re huge fans of this simply charming Two Brides card ($4.95), along with these We Vow invites ($176.50 for 50), which can be custom printed.

Want to go full-force gay pride? Try this rainbow-colored Love invite ($184.50 for 50). It?s nothing if not celebratory.

Inclusion: It?s always in style.

Available at all Papyrus locations.

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