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Curious about what Sally in accounting really thinks of you? And how does that ?exiled Nigerian prince? know your email address?

Find answers to some of life?s great mysteries in ?Depraved New World,? Second City?s hilarious new main-stage show--which just might be the smartest and funniest production we?ve seen in years.

The two-hour show is a series of sketches that explore the "what ifs" of situations both mundane and outrageous, all with an eye toward pitch-perfect cynicism. 

Here, a male escort is dumped by his client, a pair of haunted-house employees break up in the middle of their shift and three comediennes take a stand against loser boyfriends in the rallying anthem ?Don?t Date a Douche.?

"DNW" does sometimes push the envelope--there?s an intimate encounter among firemen and some questionable behavior at a nursing home--but ultimately it strikes a balance between safe and shameless.

The Second City, 1616 N. Wells St.; 312-337-3992 or

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