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Move into a new house. (Yay!)

Get new furniture. (Fun!)

Realize you need a 60-inch-by-72-inch piece of art for the massive blank wall in the living room. (Crap.)

Call DMG Studio. (Relief.)

DMG founder (and Winnetka resident) Danielle Goggin knows that in 2014, people usually find art to fit their home--not the other way around. And she’s here to help by making your dream custom piece--any size, any color, any look.

Say you want a picture of your summer house. All she needs is a photo or even just a really good description, and she’ll get to work painting its likeness. (Prices start at $350 for a 24-by-24-inch work, and she only paints in acrylic.)

Not sure about specifics but know you love abstract style? Easy. She can do circles, swirls or other modern shapes.

Have a color you’re obsessed with? She is so on that emerald-green masterpiece that will look great above your chaise lounge.

No clue what you want? Don’t freak. She’ll check out your space and give suggestions until you reach a happy solution.

Abstract pieces take six to eight weeks; paintings from photos, up to 12;

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