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A Chicago sexpert gets a radio show
Talk therapy: Dr. Berman has the answers.
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Remember Meg Ryan hiding in a pantry, listening to that radio talk show in Sleepless in Seattle? That?s totally us--we?ve been hooked on other people?s problems ever since Sassy?s ?Dear Boy? column.

So naturally, we can?t get enough of love guru Dr. Laura Berman, who?s been featured in nearly every major women?s magazine and is on the advisory board for The Dr. Oz Show.

Next week, the Chicago sexpert will launch a new daily radio program, ?Uncovered,? on which she?ll take calls from listeners about relationships, sex and other lady issues. (Live-stream it starting Monday at 8 p.m. on Star 99.9, then catch it on these affiliate stations.)

In anticipation, we asked her a few of our own most burning questions.

PureWow: My good friend has a boyfriend I can?t stand. The guy?s a narcissist with zero sense of humor and a sleazy past! Should I tell her?

Laura Berman: No one enjoys unsolicited advice. If she likes him and is okay with his history, that?s all that matters. Try to schedule one-on-one time with her instead of going on double dates. If he?s really a bad catch, she?ll figure it out on her own soon enough. (And don?t say ?I told you so.?)


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