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A service for keeping your résumé in line
The devil's in the details of a sparkling C.V.

Okay, goody two-shoes, you filed your taxes a few weeks early and you’re feeling all accomplished. But we’re guessing there’s another important document in your life--especially if you’ve held the same job for a while--that needs attention.

Since a career-changing conversation could happen at any moment, we’re talking about your résumé. To get yours in hire-me-now shape, turn it over to professional résumé writer Julie Ghatan of Resumental.

Ghatan can revamp your C.V. in about a week. First she’ll assess what you already have and send you a questionnaire to get the ball rolling. (Quick: what are three things you want people to remember about you?) She’ll dig even deeper during a phone conversation, then do some copy and design noodling and send you a new version for approval. (Fees range from $200 to $500.)

Ghatan can help you play up the importance of your accomplishments, which she says most clients are too humble to do on their own. And forget the one-page-résumé myth--that’s just for newbies (two or three pages are fine for seasoned professionals). Another tip? Lose the objective, since it’s always the same: to get a job.

Experts say hiring managers look at your résumé for 30 seconds before deciding whether to read on. Make sure you hook ’em.

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