Leghorn Chicken
Lunch at Leghorn Chicken.

Grande or venti? Cupcake or cookie? Pink or gold? With such pressing decisions to distract us every day, we love it when a place knows how to keep things simple. 

Enter Leghorn Chicken, a tiny new Ukrainian Village spot on big, busy Western Avenue where $8 fried-chicken sandwiches are the main attraction--and when you step up to the counter, you have just three quick choices to make.

1. Do you want your heritage-breed bird served Nashville Hot (yep, there’s a kick) or pickle-brined (a tad tangy)? 2. Breast or thigh meat? 3. Soft house-made bun or buttermilk biscuit? (Okay, maybe you’ll agonize a little.)

We opted for pickle-brined, breast and bun--plus a side of perfectly browned, thin-cut fries--and ended up with a lunch that tasted like what would happen if Chick-fil-A suddenly went farm-to-table.

Leghorn opens every day at 11 a.m. and goes until the chicken runs out; there’s typically a long line, but you should be safe if you show up before two. (Bring cash or hit the ATM in back.)

Leghorn Chicken, 959 N. Western Ave.; 773-394-4444 or leghornchicken.com

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