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Zealous Good
If Cher could give back, so can you.

Cleaning out your bursting closet or, better yet, that knickknack cave of a basement is such a relief. But leaving bags of perfectly good clothes next to a dumpster in the alley? Not so much.

When you’re ready to purge, do it with purpose with the help of Zealous Good. Founded by Chicago social entrepreneur Brittany Martin Graunke, the website helps people who want to donate find local charities that need their stuff. 

Start by filling out a form describing what you’d like to unload. (You can choose to drop off yourself or arrange a pickup.) Next, Graunke and her team will reach out to participating charities to find out if their needs are a match for your donation. Zealous Good then emails you replies from specific organizations--including info about how your items will be used--and helps arrange the final details. 

Lots of people give away clothing, but Zealous Good also finds matches for the more unusual things hiding in your home. Some of the most popular recent donations included a doghouse and a dollhouse (which went to the young girls at a local women’s shelter).

Spring-cleaning never felt so virtuous.

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