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Trainology Fitness
Hill country: Feel the burn in HIKEology class.

Fear of missing out: It hits you hard every time you glimpse an Instagram shot of your L.A. pal?s daily hillside hikes.

To at least approximate that experience, head on over to River North?s Trainology Fitness for HIKEology. ($25 a class)
During this hour-long workout (there?s also a 45-minute version), you?ll hike on a FreeMotion Incline Trainer--aka a really steep treadmill--and alternate between various inclines and floor routines designed to tone and strengthen.

According to instructor Michael Wollpert, the class aims to provide a serious calorie burn without the need to run. (Little-known fact: Runners never even engage their glutes until they hit the hills.)
Since slopes are the whole point in HIKEology (the treadmills go up to a 30 percent grade), the workout is tailor-made to benefit your butt. But thanks to other exercises like push-ups, lunges and Bosu ball moves, your upper body will feel the burn, too.? 

Train Chicago Studios, 309 W Chicago Ave, 312-526-3268,

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