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A hairy, happy customer in the truck.

All those whooshing dryers and that chitchatty chaos--even we get stressed at blowout bars! So imagine how your dog or cat must feel in the same situation.?

Instead of making your kitty or pooch suffer for beauty, call SpaBark, a mobile grooming business that comes to your door. ??

The company is a full-service pet salon on wheels and has two eco-friendly trucks that stay parked outside your house while your pet gets primped.

Only one animal is allowed inside at a time--unless your dog and cat happen to be besties--so there?s plenty of individual attention from SpaBark?s certified canine and feline groomers. Plus, it eliminates waiting around in strange cages before or after a trim.

SpaBark will go anywhere in the city between Hyde Park and Lake Forest, and while grooming starts at $65, prices vary, and exact quotes are given only in person once the groomer has assessed your pet?s breed, size, condition of coat and temperament. (Become a regular client and you?ll get a discounted set price.)

Bath time for Buster just went from terrifying to total treat.

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