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Cleanse Culture
How about some sustenance with that juice?

We?re afraid of juice cleanses. Six bottles of liquid and no food, all day? Losing three pounds isn?t worth it, especially since we?d be shakily reaching for a doughnut the minute it?s all over.? 

That?s why we?re loving Chicago?s latest juice outfit, Cleanse Culture, which takes a more lenient approach by offering a Superfood Smoothie Cleanse ($69 a day) and a Raw Food Cleanse ($75 a day) that are actually filling and delicious. 

The smoothies come in six flavors--the refreshing Minty Cucumber Melon is our fave, though we?re also big on the sweet Beauty Buzz, with honey, bananas and almonds--and they have enough fiber to keep you from fainting during a conference call.

??Pour one into an iced coffee cup and you?ll swear you just bought a Jamba Juice--but it?s healthier, since Cleanse Culture?s products are all raw and organic. (No suspicious powders added.)
Even better is the company?s Raw Food Cleanse, which starts the day with juice (Spicy Lemonade or Gingerade) and then includes two juice ?snacks,? a lunch entrée, a dinner entrée and a dessert. (We chowed down on a fajita burrito, spinach lasagna and chocolate-peanut-butter pie.) ?

Cleanses with substance--it?s our new favorite oxymoron.

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