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Your $9 a month could help PAWS Chicago.

Nine dollars a month is an easy pill to swallow--you already pay that much to stream the new Beck album, watch the latest season of House of Cards or read breaking news on your phone.

Now a Chicago-based website, Selfless, is betting you won?t mind ponying up the same amount for a monthly subscription for donating to great causes, and it?s sweetening the deal by throwing in perks at local businesses.

It works like this: Enter your credit card info to sign up online. Then pick your cause from a list that includes organizations like the no-kill animal shelter PAWS and the cancer-support network Imerman Angels. Eighty percent of your donation goes to the cause, while 20 percent goes to processing fees and operating costs. (Change your cause every month if you like, or choose to make a onetime donation.)

In thanks, you?ll receive a Selfless perks card, which gets you deals all over the city--think $10 off your annual Divvy membership, free appetizers at Rockit and $35 town car rides to O?Hare.

Use the card often and you?ll save more than you spend on your subscription fee. It?s a gift that really does keep on giving.

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