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How many times have you missed a chance to wear your favorite gimmie-a-raise blazer because you neglected to take it to--or pick it up from--the cleaner’s again?

Now there’s Dryv, a new app that saves you from schlepping your clothes all over this salty, sludgy city.

It works like this: Download the app to your iPhone, then set up an account with your address and credit card info. When you’re ready to send out your dry cleaning or wash-and-fold, request a pickup--it’ll take an hour or less for someone to arrive. (You need to be home for this part.) Relay any minor mending requests or special instructions (fragrance-free detergent, please!) and bid adieu to your dirty spin shorts.

Dryv will tend to your clothes in its Old Town facility, then text you within 36 hours when your order is ready. Request a delivery time--between 11 a.m. and 10 p.m., seven days a week--and wait for your order to be delivered in an eco-friendly garment bag.

Prices rival those of your neighborhood biz (clean a dress for $9 or a coat for $10; laundry is $15 for the first 10 pounds), but what’s gratis is that Dryv will even cart away those wire hangers clogging up your closet.

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