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Creative Motion Chicago
Smooth moves: Stretch and shake in Vinyasa Booty Beat.

Beyoncé’s smooth, sultry performance at the Grammys last Sunday reminded you yet again: You really wish you could move like Beyoncé. (And not just with the help of an animated GIF.)

Now you can practice your steps--and stretches--in a new hybrid class called Vinyasa Booty Beat at Ravenswood’s Creative Motion Chicago fitness studio. 

The class, a yoga-dance mash-up, is the creation of studio owner Lacey Whitaker and instructor Olivia Lintz, a dancer who performs with a modern company called Perceptual Motion.

The hour begins and ends with typical vinyasa breathing and stretching exercises on the floor, including a set of contraction exercises to tighten your abdominals and lower back.

In between, you’ll go into a “strong flow” of yoga poses and then morph into fat-blasting dance moves that blend modern and hip-hop influences, with a little Bollywood thrown in. (Ever tried to do hip rolls while holding a plank? It’s definitely more “ow!” than “om.”)

You can expect to burn about 400 calories, though you’ll hardly notice you’re working out above the fray of the bumping room.

Long live your inner Sasha Fierce.

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