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Ah, fifth grade. Your bangs were rocking, you were friends with boys (!) and oh my lord, you could Hula-Hoop. Thank heavens for ten-year-old abs. ??

Wish you could get those finely tuned core muscles again? Grab a BFF and sign up for a four-week ?Intro to Hooping? workshop at Lakeview?s Ganesha Yoga and Adventures in Fitness. (Course begins this Saturday from 2 to 3 p.m.; cost is $60 for four weeks.)

Taught by Cindy Huston--a professional dancer, fire artist (that?s right) and licensed Hoopnotica Method instructor--the workshop is for ?hoopers? of any skill level. (Even if you can?t complete a single spin now, you?ll be doing tricks like step-throughs and passing the hoop around your body in a month.) ??

You?ll sweat, get your heart pumping and burn an estimated 400 to 600 calories during an hour of stretching, waist-whittling hooping and a series of squeezing/toning exercises that use the hoop as a kind of giant Pilates ring--but you?ll have so much fun, you won?t realize you just worked out. (Huston plays music at a tempo that helps students get into the, um, spin of things.)

??New item for your Valentine?s Day wish list: your own neon-pink hoop. ??

Ganesha Yoga and Adventures in Fitness, 3113 N. Lincoln Ave.; 773-904-7870 or

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