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We?ve got the Stanley Cup. We?ve got the president. And hey, the Bulls are 5-0 so far this year.

Local clothing brand City of Win was founded on the idea that Chicago thrives on victory, and that?s a philosophy we can get behind, even if we can?t exactly recite the Blackhawks roster on demand. (Toews is the cute one, right?)??

The company makes soft, cozy tees, sweatshirts and hats with style, minus the mass-produced cheesiness factor of practically everything in the Soldier Field pro shop.

The garb is an homage to a winning state of mind as much as it is to any specific sports teams, though you?ll definitely be the best-dressed person in your company?s United Center executive suite in this women?s fitted Hawks-inspired shirt or unisex ?Bully? tee (both $27).?

No tickets to the game? Pull on the brand?s new ?No. 1? long-sleeved tee ($32) and steel yourself to conquer the brunch crowd at Longman & Eagle--who?s gonna stand in your way when you?re dressed to win?

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