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River Valley Farmer's Table
Beautiful bounty: River Valley's fairy-tale mushrooms.

With its heaping piles of portobellos and gorgeous clusters of shiitakes, Wisconsin mushroom farm River Valley Ranch?s booth at the Green City Market is our favorite place, hands down, for stocking up on yummy fungi.

And now we can get the ?shrooms anytime we please, because the farm just opened a year-round food shop and deli in Ravenswood.

We stopped by River Valley Farmer?s Table for lunch and found ourselves overwhelmed by the sheer variety of mushroom goodness available for sale.

Mushroom pasta sauce, pickled mushrooms, mushroom bratwurst, mushroom cream cheese--the list goes on, and there?s even a grow-your-own kit for $20. (Fear not, non-fungus-fanatics: Foodstuffs like fresh eggs, Amish chickens, homemade salsas and baked goods are also available.)

From the deli, we tried a sandwich of creamy chicken salad with cranberries and apples on a chewy mushroom roll and the soup of the day, a hearty three-mushroom and garlic stew. ($9 for both.) ??

The shop is celebrating its opening with a half-off sale on fresh mushrooms this week, so we loaded up paper bags with creminis, oysters and white buttons, then tromped out into the snow with dreams of--what else?--mushroom risotto for dinner. ??

River Valley Farmer?s Table, 1816 W. Wilson Ave.; 872-208-3267 or

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