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It?s enough to make us let out a snow-dampened scream: the moment when we realize we?ve been dragging our beautiful scarf through mucky snow for three blocks.

This winter we?re leaving that unwieldy accessory in its dry-cleaning bag.

We?ve discovered Aporta?s line of cozy bandana scarves, which come with an oversized kilt pin for securing--no twisting, tying or accidentally trailing your scarf like an evening-gown train. (Sold online and in Chicago at Eskell and other boutiques.)

Aporta is the creation of School of the Art Institute grad Noelle Sharp, a fiber artist who grew up skiing the hills of Utah, where functional winter gear takes on new meaning in mammoth snowdrifts.

Our favorites from her collection include the pink, 100 percent cashmere ?Sweat Pea? scarf ($225) and the supersoft bamboo-cotton-rayon ?Hades? ($290), a charcoal-gray weave with an asymmetrical tassel.

Each scarf takes Sharp anywhere from two to nine hours to weave on a loom in her whitewashed West Loop studio. There?s nothing mass-market about these beauties.

We?d pair the chunky wool ?Northern Storm? scarf ($225) with a tailored overcoat, or use it to dress up a dour puffer. Did we mention it?s bright, slush-be-damned white?

Now that?s throwing caution to the Windy City winter.

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