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Unless polar plunges are your scene (there’s one coming up on January 25, FYI), you probably won’t be diving into Lake Michigan anytime soon. But that doesn’t mean you have to wait until June to have some water-inspired fun.

Enter Surfset, an indoor workout that uses some pretty gnarly techniques to burn fat while building core strength. Trainer Kimberly Trefilek now offers the class through her company, Moirai Health & Fitness, at Riverwest Fitness Studio downtown and MyBody Complex on the North Shore. (Classes $35)

The 50-minute sessions work like this: You hop on a six-foot-long surfboard that’s raised about 12 inches off the ground on mini BOSU balls. Then you go through a range of motions including mountain climbers, faux paddling, squats, lunges and even some yoga poses. And let us tell you, the stability required to stay on the board requires way more strength than doing the same exercises on solid ground.

As we wobbled our way toward exhaustion, we loved knowing we were burning upwards of 400 calories. And the next day, our aching muscles (especially our shoulders) were proof that this was no pleasure cruise.

You’ll be channeling your inner Kate Bosworth in no time.

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