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Oh hi, Alli (aka queen of the blowout craze).

Ever paid $35 for someone else to dry and style your hair, only to find yourself trying to revive limp, de-glammed strands hours later?

The wattage-wielding pros at Drybar--the national chain that started the blowout trend and just opened in Lincoln Park--can tell you what causes Sudden Hair Deflation. (Our term, like it?)

According to founder Alli Webb (she of the adorable flipped-out 'do and feathery false lashes), SHD is the result of too much product and improper stylist technique.

Hair has memory, she says, and if you let that pesky cowlick air-dry even the tiniest bit before coming at it with heat, its natural kink will be set until your next washing. Oh, and if you dry your hair straight and then curl it with an iron, which style do you think it remembers? The first one.

Drybar trains stylists to blow waves or curls directly into the hair with a brush, and they use products sparingly to keep your locks feeling clean and flouncy.

Plus, if you have the restraint not to touch it, today’s blowout ($40) can even do double duty at tonight’s office party--and tomorrow’s date.

Drybar, 1611 N. Sheffield Ave.; 312-288-3087 or

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