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A cozy wool hoodie and our essential winter shirt.

We?ve decided on a new winter uniform: head-to-toe wool. And if, like us, you usually start scratching at the mere mention of the stuff, keep reading.

A New Zealand company, Icebreaker (no, not the gum), just opened a boutique in the Gold Coast, and its lightweight wool layering pieces are made from the softest fibers of high-altitude, admittedly adorable sheep. So far we?ve been wearing the same shirt (this long purple tunic, in fact) three days in a row and never noticed it?s not cotton.

Don?t judge: We clean our clothes, regularly. But Icebreaker?s pieces are meant to be worn multiple times between washings--the claim is that the wool resists odor by pulling moisture immediately away from the skin--and so far we smell just fine. (We think.)

And if you?re one of those nuts still out on the lakefront path when it?s -3 degrees out, add a few items from Icebreaker?s hard-core workout gear to your Christmas list, fast. ??To build the perfect non-bulky running outfit, layer a paper-thin crew ($75) under an amazingly warm hoodie ($270) and pair with performance leggings ($100) and a pretty neck chute ($25).

Oh, and don?t forget your feet. ??

Icebreaker, 44 E. Walton St.;

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