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It’s 10 degrees out. You lost a glove while digging for your Ventra card this morning, and your Thanksgiving airport cold is still hanging on.

You could use a laugh.

Our secret to a guaranteed holiday-season gut-buster? A Q Brothers Christmas Carol at the Chicago Shakespeare Theater. 

It’s the same Dickensian tale you know and love: Grouchy rich guy gets three ghostly visits and a new lease on life. Only, since this is the Q Brothers--the duo famous for the off-Broadway smash The Bomb-itty of Errors and last year’s acclaimed Othello: The Remix--the cast raps the entire 75-minute play. 

We felt like we were at a party from the minute we took our seats in the small theater, where, bourbon cocktails from the lobby bar in hand, we bobbed our heads to music spun by DJ Super Nova up in the balcony.

Once Scrooge started telling everyone to “Chris-my-a$#-mus” and a Rastafarian old Marley was rhyming about being stuck in a personal reggae hell, we were cracking up. A hypochondriac Tiny Tim--“I’m dyslexic, too!”--was just the icing on the fruitcake.

Guess what we’re getting our smart-aleck brother for an early Christmas present? Tickets.

Through December 22, tickets $25 to $35; Chicago Shakespeare Theater, 800 E. Grand Ave.; 312-595-5600 or

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