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Mrs. Green's Natural Market
Organic produce at Mrs. Green's.

Ever find yourself agonizing over such questions as: Are organic avocados worth the extra dollar? Did celery make the Dirty Dozen this year? Is eating a conventional kiwi going to make my hair fall out? (No, yes and nothing?s been proven...)

You?ll never wonder at Mrs. Green?s Natural Market in Lincoln Park, a low-key new store where organic produce is your only option. (Another location will open in the old Fox & Obel space come March.)

Mrs. Green?s stocks locally sourced meat and seafood and has a freezer section brimming with the most gluten-free pizza options we?ve ever seen in one place--the $10 meat-lover?s from Bold Organics actually looks better than a Papa John?s.

There are also two full-time registered dieticians on staff, ready to take your questions.

Want to cut down on sugar, pick the right vitamins or eat less during the holidays? E-mail for an appointment, then meet with an RD face-to-face.

You'll talk about eating, sleep and fitness habits, and learn tricks like never showing up to a holiday party ravenous. (Hello, cookie buffet.)

Then you?ll get a free shopping tour of the store tailored to your nutrition goals--you?ll learn things like how to reduce sodium in your diet, how to choose leaner meats and which cooking oils are healthiest. 

We feel better already. ??

Mrs. Green?s Natural Market, 555 W. Webster Ave.; 773-756-1610 or

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