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React Physical Therapy
Roll on: Loosening muscles the RMx way.

Your knee’s still out of whack from running season, and your shoulder is killing you from too many hours at your desk. Normally you’d head to a calorie-crushing CrossFit class after work, but right now, your aching bod is begging you to go easy.

React Physical Therapy in the West Loop helps Bulls and Bears players recover from injuries, and owner David Reavy has used his expertise about getting them back in the game to create RMx, his new therapy-based fitness class for non-pros like us.

RMx sessions are limited to six participants and are led by certified physical therapists who know how to spot and address individual weaknesses.

Most of the work you’ll do is focused on correcting strength imbalances--that’s the culprit that most often sidelines sports stars and is the reason your lower back spazzes out after a kettlebell class your core wasn’t strong enough to handle.

You’ll begin by loosening your muscles with foam rollers and lacrosse balls, then you’ll gradually work up to a cardio portion, which can involve anything from resistance bands to medicine balls.

It’s definitely a workout. You’ll sweat and you’ll be sore--but it will feel like you and your body are finally on the same page.

Classes are $175 a week for two 60-minute sessions or $250 for three sessions; React Physical Therapy, 225 S. Sangamon St.; 312-243-9350 or

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