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You?ve been on the architecture river cruise 58 times. You can theorize about Mrs. O?Leary?s cow with the best of ?em. But did you know that for decades, Michelle Obama got her hair cut at that little brick building at the corner of Huron and Dearborn streets?
With the new 312Go app for iPhone--an Android version is coming soon--you can learn juicy new facts about the city nearly every time you turn a corner.

Developed by two brothers who thought it would be cool to have hands-free access to Chicago history, the app is perfect for runners, bikers or everyday ramblers who like exploring on foot.

Just pop in your headphones and press ?go.? The guide--his name is Peter, and he sounds like a jovial professor--will chime in whenever you?re near an interesting tidbit. Maybe you?re passing the modernist townhome where Harrison Ford lived in The Fugitive or the site of the Cubs? pre-Wrigley ballpark.

If you?re listening to music, 312Go will fade the song at crucial sightseeing moments so you don?t miss a fact. Already heard everything about LaSalle Street? Cross to the other side for a fresh earful. ?

Walking and learning about your hometown? So much better than walking and texting.

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