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Painless Waxing Boutique
Clean sweep: the facial waxing counter.

Seriously? You want us to lie half-naked on a table under a blinding light, roll to one side and lift up our what?

Waxing is not our idea of a good time, but at the new Painless Waxing Boutique in Lakeview, it comes as close as it’s gonna get.

Owner and lightning-fast waxer Marta Wozniak formerly worked out of a nearby salon. Now she’s migrated across the street to a feminine spot outfitted with a facial waxing counter, a BYOB bar (for pampering parties), a makeup area, private body waxing rooms and a spray-tan room.

We tried the French bikini wax ($35)--close to but not quite a full Brazilian--and Wozniak was so speedy that the process seemed to take about two minutes. (In reality, it was 15.)

So how painless was it really? Wozniak picked a gutsy name for her salon, but years in the biz have taught her a trick or two. Numbing gel steeled our skin beforehand (not exactly a shot of Novocaine, but it helped), and the not-too-hot, high-quality soft wax Wozniak prefers--she says it’s more precise--didn’t irritate us in the least.

Okay, maybe we winced with the first rip. But our next gasp was of surprise that the appointment was already over.

Painless Waxing Boutique, 3146 N. Lincoln Ave.; 773-472-6101 or

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