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Green machine: Spinach lasagna at Raw in River North.

If only we were stringent enough to stick to a full-time raw-food diet. But the truth is, we talk about cleansing way more than we actually do it. And when it?s chilly out, our tastebuds crave hot comfort food.

But thanks to the nutrient-packed superfoods we tried at new spot Raw in River North, we can definitely commit to eating uncooked nutrients a few times a week--especially if it can stand in for a forbidden guilty pleasure.

The tiny nook is filled with all-natural, vegan, raw dishes prepared daily from scratch. The meals are served grab-and-go style--in other words, it?s the perfect place to pick up lunch to wolf down at your desk after a 45-minute spin class across the street. (P.S. You just lost a pound!)

We tried Raw?s spinach lasagna ($12) after hearing it?s a favorite that sells out daily. Layers of fresh spinach, white cashew ?cheese? and zucchini (its crunchy texture makes up for the lack of real noodles) are topped with a rich, flavorful marinara sauce that could rival any restaurant on Taylor Street.

The best part? It?s an actual cohesive dish--and that makes it better than braving the Whole Foods lunch-hour crowd for $15 worth of random salad bar items.

Raw, 51 W. Huron St.; 312-664-2729 or

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