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When was the last time you walked into a tavern so crazy beautiful, your eyes actually misted over? Let us guess: never?

For us it happened during a visit to the irrepressibly stunning Thalia Hall, a bohemian institution that?s getting a new life in Pilsen complete with bar and restaurant concepts from the Longman & Eagle crew.

The landmarked 1892 building houses the ground-floor resto Dusek?s, with farm-to-table bites, matching beers and a wonderfully ornate top-floor concert hall.

But it?s the subterranean bar where we found our new love: punch.

With a drink menu by punch enthusiast and former Longman manager Will Duncan, Punch House serves up old-world tastes like Milk Punch (brandy, lemon whey and nutmeg), the Earl Grey (infused Gin Tea Punch) and, our favorite, Sanyal Punch with curried Pisco and chili flake (all $8).

This isn?t your grandmother?s cotillion drink--unless granny took 48 hours to prep and pre-keg her spiked concoctions, then served them with unexpected snacks like warm, smoky, fall-off-the-pit olives.

Yet with their vintage glassware and bowls ($59 for 8 servings), these drinks will take you back to a more picturesque time.

Pinkies up, ladies.

Thalia Hall, 1227 W. 18th St.; 312-526-3851 or

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