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Johnny Casserole
Your momma never made tuna noodle like this.

Whoever invented the casserole was a genius. A warm, cheesy mess of all our favorite foods in one dish? So smart.

Johnny Casserole, the North Center spot, is all about fulfilling your cravings with individual servings of casserole or large, ready-to-bake pans that make it easy to feed a group.

Casserole bliss awaits; just plan ahead. If you’re eating in, call 45 minutes before you arrive--the lack of spontaneity is worth it, we promise--so they can pop your meal in the oven. (Soups, salads and sandwiches are available for on-the-spot dining.)

Individual servings of anything on the menu--which covers the classics from tuna noodle to shepherd’s pie--are always on hand. But if you want a big casserole to go, call at least five hours (or better yet, a full day) prior to pickup.

We took home a chicken potpie casserole that was accompanied by a little cup of buttermilk for brushing over the biscuit topping. We popped the dish in the oven and let the uncomplicated smell of the good old days fill the house for the next 35 minutes.

Rich and creamy, with tender chunks of chicken and sizable broccoli florets, the potpie satisfied.

Next time, we’re going to take one to a friend and pass it off as our own home cooking. How smart is that?

Johnny Casserole, 4019 N. Damen Ave.; 773-875-2665 or

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