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You’re famous for bringing prize-worthy cookies to the office, and your neighbors who barely boil water have been the lucky beneficiaries of your adventures in home bacon curing.

Wouldn’t it be nice to get something in return for those heroic kitchen efforts? At the Chicago Food Swap, you will.

The concept is exactly what it sounds like: Food lovers gather to trade homemade creations (no money changes hands).

Your contribution can be anything you’ve made or grown--baked goods, jellies, granola, candy and eggs from your backyard chicken coop are all fair game. The trading works like a silent auction, with participants inspecting the goods, writing “bids” on paper and finalizing the deals via old-fashioned conversation.

Everyone takes home tasty treats, and there are no food inspectors involved--by being there, you acknowledge that you trust your fellow swappers’ kitchen hygiene.

The next swap is at the new Savory Spice Shop in Lincoln Square on Sunday. The events fill up fast, so if you’re wait-listed this time around, fear not: Registration for the November installment opens on Monday.

Meanwhile, it’s never too early to start perfecting that new cornbread recipe.

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