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Driehaus Museum
Through the looking glass: a Tiffany window at the Driehaus Museum.

Can you believe we’re expected to wait until January for season four of Downton Abbey, while across the pond, our Brit friends are already two episodes in? 

Our Downton obsession bloomed anew when we recently toured the Driehaus Museum, the Gilded Age mansion in River North that has been restored by Chicago businessman, philanthropist and lover of all things old and ornate, Richard Driehaus.

A temple to bygone architectural beauty, the house was built and occupied during the same years the Crawleys would have roamed the halls of Downton. 

The museum has just unveiled its first exhibit, a celebration of the stained glass windows, vases and metalwork created by the artist Louis Comfort Tiffany--including his Tiffany lamps, most of which were actually the work of an esteemed employee, Clara Driscoll. (Tiffany loved hiring women, whom he thought had a stronger sense of color than men.) 

After you’ve had your Tiffany fix, head to the museum’s third-floor gift shop, where you’ll find vintage jewelry, gorgeous letterpress place cards for your next dinner party, etiquette tomes with titles like How to Behave and our favorite find: The Unofficial Downton Abbey Cookbook ($22). 

Those Lady Mary crab canapés should come in handy for a 2014 viewing party. 

Admission $20; Driehaus Museum, 40 E. Erie St.; 312-482-8933 or

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