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Savory Spice Shop
Fennel pollen, aka fairy dust for cookies.

We were thrilled for Logan Square’s Fat Rice when Bon Appétit named it the fourth best new restaurant in America. The food bible even printed the recipe for the famous Fat Rice dish itself! But after adding up how much we’d spend on spices alone, we opted to wait for a table (again) rather than make it at home.

The opening of the new Savory Spice Shop in Lincoln Square has us rethinking our laziness.

The intoxicatingly fragrant store stocks nearly 500 dry rubs, spices and blends, and most are available in quantities as little as an ounce or half an ounce. So if your recipe calls for a pinch of turmeric, you won’t find yourself throwing away a full jar of the stuff two years later.

You can taste-test an entire section of BBQ rubs (we want the Black Dust coffee-and-spice version) or even an insanely hot ghost-pepper curry. But our top find after a tip from a shop employee? Exotic California fennel pollen (otherwise known as the spice of angels), a dash of which gives classic chocolate-chip-cookie recipes an intriguing licorice taste.

How’s that for a trade secret?

Savory Spice Shop, 4753 N. Lincoln Ave.; 773-293-4559 or

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