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Animal Flow at Equinox
Lean machine: Animal Flow creator Mike Fitch.

It looked so easy. When Mike Fitch--the creator of a new workout called Animal Flow--demonstrated his moves in a hilarious Live with Kelly and Michael segment last spring, we thought: Sure. We do yoga. We can do that.

??Now that the class has launched at Equinox and we?ve taken it from the surreally toned Fitch in the flesh, we realize how wrong we were. (And how freakishly fit Kelly and Michael must be.)

??The method is based on the idea that your own body is your best fitness machine. (Animals don?t lift weights to stay in shape, so why should we?) Fitch tested a smorgasbord of body-weight exercises--from gymnastics to circus arts--before coming up with the crouches, leaps and crawls that make up his workout.??

As Fitch led us through slow-motion versions of a tiger lunge and a frog jump, we kind of thought we had it--until the ?flow? aspect came into play, meaning we had to connect everything in a series of fast and fluid break-dance-like movements.

??An hour later, we walked out of the studio panting like, well, an uncoordinated Labrador retriever. But we?re believers: A few weeks of this and we?ll be sleek as panthers. ??

At Equinox in the Gold Coast, Lincoln Park and the Loop; 312-254-4000 or Class is complimentary for Equinox members; non-members can try Animal Flow by signing up for a trial membership here.

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