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Long ago, we identified our go-to fromage at the massive Lincoln Park Whole Foods counter: soft, slightly stinky (and maybe a little boring) Italian Taleggio. We’ve stopped looking at other options--we just grab a wedge and race off to the wine section.

Maybe it’s time to branch out.

Two Chicago dairy lovers who sowed their entrepreneurial seeds when they worked together at Groupon, Kristi Klemm and RJ Yozwiak, have just launched Yankee Hollow, a subscription service that delivers top-notch artisanal cheeses to your doorstep.

Klemm grew up on a dairy farm in Monroe, Wisconsin, and she wanted to put award-winning American cheeses in the spotlight at a price that’s truly tempting--which it is. One box costs $35 and contains two to four different cheeses; you can also choose to sign up for three months ($95) or a year ($350).

The first box shipped to subscribers in August, and this month’s box will contain fontina and Monterey Jack from Maple Leaf plus cheddar from English Hollow. And just so you know what to say when your cocktail party guests ask what they’re eating, each shipment comes with information about everything from each cheese’s melting point to what wines to drink with it.

We smell a winner.

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