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Ticket Ninja
Let someone else handle this nightmare.

We?re responsible adults. You?d think we?d remember to pay the rare ticket that turns up when a police officer gets serious about the ?no parking? zone in front of our favorite Logan Square doughnut stop. (True story.) ??

But with the city?s policy of doubling fines if you don?t pay within 14 days, a backup plan never hurts.

??And a new website, Ticket Ninja, can help you avoid buying the most expensive accessory this season--a yellow boot clamped to your car.??

Here?s how it works: Sign up with your license plate and credit card numbers, and Ticket Ninja will automatically check your info against the City of Chicago?s ticket database every day. If you?ve had a violation, the site will e-mail you a reminder to pay. (All types of tickets on this list are covered.)
If you still shirk your civic duty, Ticket Ninja will pay the fee on the day it?s due, thus saving you from a doubled fine. The website is free until you get your first ticket, then charges $3 per violation to do your dirty work.

??It?s a way better deal than shelling out hundreds because you were waiting in line for an all-natural raspberry-glazed doughnut.

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