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Picnic Contest
Pro picnickers at Millennium Park.

If you?re picnicking in, say, a secluded state park, go right ahead: grab an old blanket and a few turkey sandwiches. ??

But if you want to fit in among the lawn dwellers who practically bring their dining rooms to Millennium Park--you know, with their adorable checked tablecloths, exotic cheese samplers and bottles of crisp rosé--you?d better think about upping your picnic-packing game. ??

This week, picnic pros will have a chance to prove their prowess not just to each other but to a panel of judges.   ??

On Saturday night, as the Grant Park Orchestra plays Sibelius?s eerie tone poem Pohjola?s Daughter, revelers will compete in a picnic contest. The theme is ?magic? to match the music.

Among the criteria: creative decor, good team name and imaginative menu inspired by ?rainbows, riddles, fantasy? and more. (We?re thinking confetti cupcakes.)

??Pull your spread into the park in a foldable wagon, set up a table in a bag, break out your concert-appropriate piano cheese board and wait for admiring gazes to come your way. ??

Grant Park Music Festival at Millennium Park, 201 E. Randolph St.;

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