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Which sounds more idyllic: sitting around a computer, squinting while your cousin scrolls through 200 identical pictures of her honeymoon, or spending Thanksgiving afternoon flipping through old photo albums, lingering over faded shots of Grandma dressed like a glamorous extra on Mad Men?  

We’d prefer to keep the latter tradition alive, but sadly our own photos have been piling up in boxes and by the thousands on various hard drives. 

Enter Books of Life, an Andersonville company that will wade through your photos and mementos (ticket stubs and love letters count) and use a meaningful selection to create a gorgeous coffee-table-worthy book. 

These are not like those generic, DIY books you can order from photo-sharing websites.

Instead, your life story will be tackled by a team of professional photographers and graphic designers who will pick your best pics and individually color-correct them to look even better. (Prices range from $350 to $2,500.)

Just drop off your precious, if disorganized, memories at the studio, where you’ll decide on custom printing options--anything from a leather cover to marbled end pages is possible.
Then wait for your page-turner to arrive. 

Books of Life, 5215 N. Ravenswood Ave.; 847-859-9442 or

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